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Specialty Textile Services is -- and will always remain -- exclusively devoted to serving the needs of world-class restaurants and resorts. Locally owned and independently operated since 1996, we have become the fastest growing company in our industry. In 2011, we became the only LEED-certified linen and laundry provider in North America. We're committed to the environment, to our community and to the highest level of customer service.

Why choose Specialty Textile? The complete maintenance of your linen and laundry program ensures the finest quality and proper product levels. Faster inventory rotation saves space and flexible multi-weekly delivery pick-up schedules save money by using inventory more efficiently. Our service is all inclusive without any additional charges for wastewater, laundry bags, laundry carts or other equipment. Our plant operates seven days a week, 365 days a year with rapid emergency response available for special requests.

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